Golf Cart Policy

Golf carts and utility vehicles are allowed on the show grounds but we ask that only people who need this type of transportation bring them. The show gets crowed at times and it’s usually faster and easier for most people to walk.

All golf carts and utility vehicles must be insured before you arrive and then registered at the show office which is located in Building 3. You will not be able to operate your vehicle on the show grounds without insurance that provides coverage for any damage to people or property you may cause. This insurance may be added to your homeowners’ policy. Bring your proof of insurance with you.

You may pick up and fill out the form when you arrive at the show or save some time and have it filled out beforehand.

View and Print Form


Behavior that violates our policy includes but is not limited to: Racing with other vehicles, weaving back and forth, and playing games like “Stop & Go”.

Please do not block the roads or fire lanes with your vehicle. The show has other vehicles that need priority access. Park your vehicle out of the way when you are not driving it.

The Northern Indiana Power from the Past, Inc. will not be liable or held responsible for any accidents.

Other means of transportation

Bicycles, scooters, mopeds, and similar things are not permitted to be ridden around the show. You may arrive to the show however you wish but please park by the gate when you get here. Walking is the easiest way to enjoy our show.

Battery powered personal mobility scooters, wheel chairs, and other medically required mobility devices are no problem as we make every effort to keep our show accessible to everybody.